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Have you had any complaints about the colored water as of late?


Mr. Young,

I was wondering if you have had any complaints about the colored water as of late? And if so what has been done to resolve this issue?

Thank you,
Concerned Citizen


Complaints about colored water have stopped for the time being.  That is not to say that the potential for further complaints has been eliminated.  Anytime we have a break in one the steel or cast iron water mains (as well as the PVC mains) the potential exists for dirt and rust to enter the system. The maintenance crews attempt to limit this infiltration but it will happen.

The best solution is to replace the steel and cast iron with PVC.  Since 2007 we have replaced 44% of our steel and cast iron water mains.  We estimate that we have an additional 16500 feet to replace.  We are in the process of engineering the replacement of another 2000 feet this fiscal year if the budget holds up.  I realize this is a slow process but the replacement is a high priority.

Doug Young
Palmer City Administrator