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Public Works

The City of Palmer Public Works Department welcomes you to our official website.  We are striving to provide the citizens of Palmer with excellent services. If you encounter any problems that would involve our department, we ask that you contact the Utility Billing Clerk at City Hall, M-F 8am-5pm.  

Our Phone Number is: (972) 449-3160          

Public Works Director: Charles Slovak

Utility Billing Clerk for the City of Palmer: Destiny Biron


The City of Palmer was subject to an enforcement action by the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ).  The City of Palmer opted to perform a Supplemental Environmental Project which was approved by TCEQ on April 16, 2008 in Agreed Order Docket No. 2007-0283-MWD-E.  Under Project 2- Collection Event and Debris Recycling, the City of Palmer was allowed to purchase a wood chipper and hold two collection and recycling events in which it collected and chipped vegetative debris, recycled the debris into mulch, and distribute the mulch at no cost to the public.  The two events were performed in November 2008 and March 2009 utilizing City of Palmer resources as prescribed by the TCEQ in the Agreed Order.
Additionally the City of Palmer has continued to use the chipper to clean up debris caused by winter storm and spring storm damage.  We continue to allow citizens of Palmer to bring debris for recycling to our locations.  The accumulated mulch is available as indicated in the advertisement below for FREE MULCH.


City crews have shredded brush and tree limbs dropped off at the city barn and collected after storms. We have mulch that is available to water customers at no charge. Contact city hall on (972) 449-3160 to obtain a permit to have the city load the free mulch into your pickup or trailer. You will be given a time that someone is available to load the mulch. First come first serve while it lasts.

Downloadable Forms:

Application for Brush and Tree Trimmings

The City of Palmer is proud of our City Services.

Ready to Serve

The staff and officials of the City of Palmer are here to serve. We pride ourselves in being helpful to the community. Please feel free to contact us today...

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