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Code Enforcement

The City of Palmer and the Palmer Police department in an effort to keep the City of Palmer a pleasant and appealing atmosphere for the citizens, prospective citizens and visitors of Palmer has within the Palmer Police Department the Code Enforcement Division.  It is also the responsibility of the Animal Control and Code Enforcement Division to maintain compliance of the City of Palmer Ordinances, Codes and State of Texas Laws in relation to tall grass, trash and debris, junk vehicles.

Any calls for the Code Enforcement Division should be made to (972) 449-3271. Any calls emergency in nature or calls after 5:00pm in the evenings or on weekends should be made to (972) 937-6060.  

The Palmer Police Department is here to serve you.

Did you Know?

Our community can only continue to be safe if we all pitch in and help. Report a crime and keep Palmer a safe place to live!

Special Commendation
The Palmer Police Department has recently received a special commendation!  
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