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Code Enforcement & Animal Control

Animal Control

The City of Palmer and the Palmer Police department in an effort to keep the City of Palmer a pleasant and appealing atmosphere for the citizens, prospective citizens and visitors of Palmer has within the Palmer Police Department the Code Enforcement Division.  It is also the responsibility of the Animal Control and Code Enforcement Division to maintain compliance of the City of Palmer Ordinances, Codes and State of Texas Laws in relation to tall grass, trash and debris, junk vehicles.

Any calls for the Code Enforcement Division should be made to (972) 449-3271. Any calls emergency in nature or calls after 5:00pm in the evenings or on weekends should be made to (972) 937-6060.  

Pet Registration
The City of Palmer Code of Ordinances Chapter 2 Section 3 (B)(1) requires the registration of all dogs over the age of four (4) months in the city limits.  Section 4 of the same chapter, as well as Texas Health and Safety Code requires that all dog and cats over the age four (4) months be vaccinated against rabies and be revaccinated at the age of one (1) year and yearly thereafter. 
Palmer Police Department Animal Control requests that all owners of dogs and cats voluntarily register their animals and provide proof of vaccination (rabies tag number) annually.  Your cooperation will provide the City of Palmer and the Palmer Police Department Animal Control with the information to return your pet to you quickly if your pet becomes lost.  While cat registration is not required by ordinance, vaccination is.  Any dogs and/or cats found without a current rabies vaccination tag affixed to a collar is subject to impound.  It is not the position of the City of Palmer or the Palmer Police Department Animal Control to deprive anyone of their pets. Due to the recent outbreak of rabies in Texas wildlife it is important that we all do our part in preventing our pets from contracting rabies.

Online Form

Using the link below download the form and complete it. The completed form may be either emailed to Officer Shelton, dropped off at the Police Department during business hours or mailed to the following address:

Palmer Police Department
Attn: Animal Control
PO Box 489
Palmer, TX 75152

Note: Word 2002 or later is required

Download the Form by clicking here...

Email Officer Shelton by clicking here...

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